A Nora Store “Merry Christmas” 2018 And Fundraiser For Building

Upkeep & Restoration

As The Store Is Listed On The National Register Of Historic Places


It’s time again, to offer everyone a chance to take part in the 26th annual “Nora Christmas” celebration.  Mike Pedersen is again opening his historical Nora Store, to give everyone a chance to get together and sing Christmas carols and hymns.  Mike and friends accompany our singing with wonderful pipe organ and piano music.

This annual event is Mike’s special gift to our community.  Mike invests his time and resources generously, so that we can enjoy this very special Christmas experience.  Donations are appreciated to help Mike continue his Christmas event. 

Thank you!


(see schedule)

Donations can be mailed to:

Mike Pedersen, Nora Store

30707 475th Ave.

Nora, South Dakota 57001-6903

Mike’s Phone: 605-670-1455